Cultured Marble Molds, Solid Surface

Cultured Marble and Solid Surface Business Opportunity

Globmarble offers molds, formulas and complete factory training to get you started in the cultured marble manufacturing. Many cultured marble molds and solid surface formulas offered by Globmarble are designed to produce a complete line of elegant cultured marble and solid surface products for the new construction and remodeling industries.

Concrete Stone Molds and Equipment

Manufactured Stone Business Opportunity

Globmarble stone molds (artificial stone molds) are used to manufacture concrete stone veneer facades, paver stones, ledge stone, patio floors and sidewalks paving, concrete fences, other forms and decoration elements based on plain concrete using the casting method. The equipment used for concrete stone production (concrete mixer, racks, vibration tables, scales).

Cultured Marble & Solid Surface Products

Cultured Marble and Solid Surface products include wall paneling molds, bathtub molds and shower surround molds, window sill molds, fireplace mantels and facing molds, custom durable kitchen counter molds, and bathroom vanities molds. Onyx or granite tables including conference tables, and desks molds, floor and wall tile molds for indoor and outdoor design. View some of our cultured marble products in Gallery. To establish a new Cultured Marble or Solid Surface Factory you need: Molds, Equipment, Supplies, Training & Support Read more here:

Concrete Stone Manufacturing Process

The Globmarble concrete molds (artificial stone)manufacturing process is relatively simple, capital investment is low and raw material prices represent only a small percentage of the expected retail price. To manufacture the products of concrete or polymer concrete you will need rubber molds,vibration table, concrete mixer and racks. Altogether this machinery constitutes the production complex using which you can start your own building business. To establish a new Concrete Stone (Artificial Stone) Factory you need: Globmarble Stepping stone molds, Concrete Mixer, Vibrating table, Racks Read more here:

Cultured Marble Mold Catalog

Cultured Marble Mold Catalog includes molds for a complete line of Bathtubs Molds, Shower Pan Molds, Drop-in Bowls Molds, Floating Bowl Molds, Undermount Bowl Molds, Kitchen Sink Mold, Modular Molds, Countertop Mold, Columns Molds, Wall Paneling Molds, Pedestal Sinks Molds and Bath Accessories Molds..

Concrete Stone Rubber Molds Catalog

Concrete Stone Mold Catalog includes rubber molds for a complete line of artificial stone products and includes Veneer Stone Molds, Paver Stone Molds, Ledgestone Molds, Field Stone Molds, Step Stone Molds, Castle Stone molds, Brick Stone Molds and more.

Decorative Concrete, Concrete Countertop Products and Supplies Decorative Concrete Business Opportunity GlobMarble offer full line of decorative Globmarble concrete stamps supply that allows contractor successfully complete any decorative concrete project. Our decorative concrete product line includes Decorative Concrete Countertop forming and casting materials, GFRC Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete materials, Decorative Concrete Stains, Decorative Concrete Sealers, Decorative Concrete Release Agents , Decorative Concrete Colors, Decorative Concrete Molds,Decorative Concrete Accessories and Additives, Lightweight Concrete, Decorative Concrete Tools, Decorative Concrete Training , interior and exterior decorative concrete materials, and other. GlobMarble is your best source for decorative concrete precast material, decorative concrete restoration and supplies. GlobMarble offers highest quality decorative concrete products, superior technical support and customer service. GlobMarble’s decorative concrete video step-by-step instructions and demos here: Decorative Concrete Countertops-Do-it-Yourself GlobMarble Decorative Concrete Countertop Products and Supplies will help you design and build unique kitchen and bath countertops, vanity sinks, window sills and other. We offer decorative concrete countertop workshops and decorative concrete training programs. Read more here: